About Us

Clusio, Inc. is a dedicated team of passionate people building awesome.



We believe in the competency of professionals, especially in healthcare. We are developers and healthcare providers building an exceptionally user friendly healthcare software platform, and as a company, here are six things we believe and pursue everyday.

  1. Medical professionals need user-first software. The healthcare software market is saturated with antiquated, outdated, and poorly functioning software that still exists as the primary platform for many organizations. At Clusio, we believe in a user-first mindset, and are designing our entire platform around the medical professional, working down first and then up. If the apps you use in your personal life are fun and easy, so should the apps you use in your professional life.
  2. Do not tell lies (especially in medicine). The founding team, the employees, and even the people helping Clusio need to be honest and transparent. Those two traits are important to us morally, as well as professionally. Our software is made to help APPs and docs become more transparent and honest about their care competency, helping improve the safety of the patients they are sworn to protect, as well as themselves as caregivers. Dishonesty and deception are evil traits, and made even worse when the care of another human being is on the line.
  3. All for one, one for all, all for Clusio. No single person makes all decisions within our company; we are all about the entire team. We are team focused and believe fully in the power of a brain trust. Nearly every decision and strategy is decided by the team, and the primary goal of this mindset is to achieve the best possible result for our customers, without hindsight, each and every time. Not a single member of the Clusio team is more or less important than any other team member.
  4. Make software for ourselves. We have really high standards, and in every release, update, or change to the software, we think about that as if it was only being used by ourselves. If we aren’t happy with it, we aren’t shipping it. We think about it like food: if you have the option to feed yourself high quality, nutritious and delicious food, you will do just that. The same can be said about our Clusio software. We are feeding ourselves first, then feeding our customers next. The food better be great. We are building competency software, after all.
  5. Question and feel happy about the answer. We think “as good as” is not succeeding. Since security is extremely important for patients and providers, we have put as much important on technical security as well. We are constantly questioning our product: is this the best option, are there any vulnerabilities, does this scale without hindering a user, and so on. These questions lead to better results, and the answers that come from them we can be happy with.
  6. Be happy and do great work. We will always be happy being ourselves. We will not put on any airs, and we hope this shines through in the care we put into developing the software. From each pixel to every line of code, we have poured passion and energy into our platform. We do this because we believe that if you aren’t growing, you are dying. Every day, month after month, is a way for us to learn and get better at delivering amazing software to organizations and healthcare professionals.