Competency of providers is paramount to a safe and well-oiled clinical setting.

Why ClusioHIPAABuzz


Clusio is fully HIPAA compliant; every report and analysis is safe, every piece of data encrypted, and all PHI is secured. When using our platform you never run the risk of a violation. Fully encrypted cutting-edge software in both function and form.

We adhere to each and every standard for HIPAA security in software. Our administrative safeguards are backed up by other providers, so we utilize internal and external validation to support our administrative HIPAA safeguards, from access authorization to our data backup plan.

In terms of access control, our software is absolutely state-of-the-art. End to end encryption and decryption support all the PHI data being transferred in our application. From the end user to the system, every bit of data is secured and safeguarded properly to adhere to each HIPAA rule and regulation.

In addition to our rigorous standards for security on our software, and the strict adherence to administrative and physical safeguards, Clusio contracts an auditor to insure our HIPAA compliance. You can view our safety documents and audits within the legal section of our website.