Competency of providers is paramount to a safe and well-oiled clinical setting.

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Why Clusio

Clusio consists of two parts: a frontend app on iPhone and Android that is utilized by clinicians, and a software platform with an administrative portal to view what your providers are doing in real-time. Clusio is impactful for clinicians as a free application by providing a means to log the medical procedures they perform, but the real value surfaces when organizations sign up with us to enable the validation of procedures and access to the data. Enter the software platform and administrative portal.

With Clusio, your system will have access to real-time, living data from the clinical setting. As providers use Clusio for personal benefit, that information is passed up and through our secure software portal, entirely unique to your system. This data is organized and presented to provide you with an unparalleled look into the clinical setting: conquering data lets you see how reliable your staff is, how accurate medical billing is, and how safe patients are on a daily basis, and much more.

Clusio is pivotal in understanding the clinical setting; with a strong understanding of provider competency, your system sees direct and indirect benefits that directly impact the care you provide your patients. Clusio empowers your providers and your system clinically.